JINGJAI SAMER (จริงใจเสมอ)

We provide a range of quality services to meet the needs of businesses and researchers throughout Thailand and indeed the world.

If you want to give your business a global presence, then Jingjai Samer can help you get there. We can help with registering your business in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Phillipines. We can also help you with setting up a virtual office in any (or all) of those locations, develop websites for you, and many other essential services including content creation and copy writing.

We also can translate all kinds of documents between Thai and English and we can do it better than others because we not only translate the words but preserve the originally intended meaning. This can be extremely important consideration, as many major corporations such as General Motors and Coca-Cola have discovered.

In particular, if you are launching a hotel business in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, or Laos, you will want to engage our consultancy service to assist you. Please visit the hotel section of our site. We can also help existing hotel and resort businesses to improve their results.

We also provide academic services for students and researchers at competitive rates.