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JINGJAI SAMER (จริงใจเสมอ) — Translation

Many people under-estimate the importance of high quality translation, but in a serious business situation, misunderstandings could really cost you.

The technology of software-based translation systems like Google Translate is really amazing and inspiring, but it is still no match for human ability. Computers simply don't get the subtlety of language. But even with humans, it is still possible for things to go wrong, and here's why:

Most translation services employ people who are native speakers of one language and have studied another language well enough to pass a test and get certified in it. That's exactly what you'd expect, right?

The problem with working that way is that a lot of little details can get lost in translation. Which is why we use a completely different method. One that ensures there are no mistakes. Every bit of subtext and meaning is retained and translated flawlessly from one language to the other.

Zero-loss translation puts you in a better position to win!  Our rates average around 300 baht per printed page.  Contact us to discuss your needs.